Some changes made

Important announcement

Posted by faucetsatoshi on March 25, 2020

Hi guys, I hope you are fine in the situation we are facing now on the world. Today I want to share with you what I think about FauceX future and changes I made in order to do it.

How you've maybe seen I deleted all FauceX except Litecoin (and Bitcoin on Expresscrypto). I decided to do that because I think those 20 FauceX were unnecesary, I mean, if you claim from FauceX in any cryptocurrency, you can claim on litecoin cryptocurrency and then you easly can withdraw your funds to any market such as Binance. So, it is easier to me manage only one FauceX per Microwallet, litecoin fees are very low to exchange, deposit and withdraw and it is easier to you withdraw and exchange litecoin founds.

On post before, in which I talked you about rewards increase, I told you it was going to be temporarily, I decided to keep it and, even, I'm working on increase it one more time. Due that increase, I decided to put 1 minute timer, hope you understand me, that desition were taken, because if I increase your earnings, hackers and people who uses bots are going to be more interested on FauceX, they are going to face the security I've put and also wait a minute every claim, thus, I don't like to see them here :).

¿why did I keep FauceX Bitcoin? I keep it, because of you. I want to reward you as many as I can. How you could see through this process, through this year, I was looking for advertising networks. Right now, I think what I'm rewarding you through Bitcoin FauceX which hasn't shortlinks is what I receive from partners. So that's a little gift I have to you and I would like to increase it overtime. Bitcoin I obviously think is the most important, relevant and intersting project on cryptocurrency world, I suggest to you keep and hold it, and that's my little contribution to community. The timer right now on FauceX bitcoin is 5 minutes, I will keep it. As I told you, you don't need to pass any shortlink, just pass the captcha, paste your EC-UserId and claim your satoshis.

On this month as I told you, I want to write you one more time, I hope to do that to explain better this ideas and add more. Have a nice week, take a sad song and make it better!