I have made some changes on our website.

I want to tell you about it :)

Posted by faucetsatoshi on December 21, 2019

Hello world! As I think you know, this month I have been changing some things of the FauceX website, here is a compilation of changes I've made:

1. Ads

First, I've been looking for advertising platforms to increase the earnings and try to give you more than you are receiving now. I think it was great, because I could find some interesting platforms like bitmedia.io which, I think, will increase our benefits. However, I didn't find a platform which gives me enough money to increase your earnings so far. The website is receiving now from 300-500 users every day, that's amazing to me, but we must be more than 5000 to be relevant to better advertising networks. Here is something you can do to help me; you can share the referral links. So, I'll be looking for other platforms and, if you have some advice to me, just write me an email please.

I believe website design, related to banners, it's ok, I mean, it doesn't affect your claiming process too much. I put more banners for reasons explained above, however, even if I find other platform, I'll try to no affect more your claiming process. I also decided to remove the jse coin platform from the site in order to improve your experience.

2. Shortlink services

Although shortlink services are very important to our earnings, now they offer low CPM rates, less than $2 (Don't misunderstand me, I think $2 CPM is wonderful, what happens is shortlink services doesn't count all the shortlinks users pass, in some cases less than 50% percent). At the beginning I started to use Adshort, Pingit, dutchy corp... But I found they didn't give enough to send you the reward, for that reason I decided to include nine more services. The new services increased the CPM; however, I'm just receiving what I reward you or even less. I hope to keep the amount I'm rewarding in every faucet, but I think, in some, I will change the percentages.

Past week I increased the daily claims from 25 to 40, but for reasons explained before I changed it to 30. I believe it doesn't matter because if you reach that amount, you can claim from another FauceX and that's great. Here I have to say, in future, I hope to not change it.

3. All expresscrypto coins.

I started FauceX including just Litecoin, then, maybe a week later, I added Dogecoin, after which, 2 weeks later, I launched 13 more coins. Last week finally I added the other 5 FauceX to have 20 in total, all coins available on expresscrypto. That was a hard work and It had an impact in the CPM and the counts that every shortlink service does, in other words, it decreased the dollars I receive of every shortlink service. Despite the aforementioned I'll keep all faucets active, if I won't, I'll tell you before I do that :), but I won't create any other faucet. Sure, if express crypto include another coin I will support it, but I think 20 is enough to my health hahaha.

4. Host, performance and security.

When I started this website, it was on a free web hosting and I rewarded you through Faucethub.io platform, (you already know what happened with faucethub, I save it in my hearth :) hehehe), the fact is we were less than 100, so, In a free webhost with just FauceX Litecoin, there wasn't any problem. Once I changed faucethub for expresscrypto, more users came and from time to time, website fell, it was unable. First thing I made to solve that problem, it was enabling Cloudflare intermediation, it did a faster website (thank you cloudflare, I love you now :>), however website had the same kind of problems. With problems mentioned and a count of users growing up, I decided to upgrade the web hosting. Obviously, it had a cost, nevertheless, the benefit related to performance is amazing for you and for me too (because I could create more FauceX).

Cloudflare gives more security to the website, but before December 17th , I think, there was someone claiming with bots or something like that, for that reason I enabled antibots protection , I know it could be bad to you, I didn't want to enable it, but I didn't have any other option, I hope you understand it.

5. Faucetpay microwallet

Today I'm launching a new LTC faucet with Faucetpay micro wallet, now I'm testing it. If there's a problem with the faucet, write it on chat, please. I think, sometimes, it's going to be unable. You can find its link on any expresscrypto FauceX, there is the instructions to claim, but basically you'll need a Faucetpay.io account and be registered on FauceX Litecoin faucet pay to claim. I'm working on create DOGE and ETH faucets on faucetpay and some changes on LTC faucet there will be. I hope you support it and thank you for that.

This is what I've done this month to FauceX website, (This blog is other thing I made) in future posts, I don't know when, I'll post somethings I'm planning to do and next months I hope to do something like this too. Finally, I have to say thank you. I know you are from different kind of countries, cultures and thoughts sure; it is wonderful to me, I want to write at least one post every week. Hope to see you next time, have a nice Christmas.