Happy new year

New year, new...

Posted by faucetsatoshi on January 5, 2020

Hello dear users, I know it's a little bit late, but I wish you a happy new year! For two weeks ago I didn't post anything and sure you know why, Christmas is great to share with your family and people you love. However, I did what I said you on last post, I changed website URL and now we are available on faucex.com. It took me a lot of time make that change, there were problems, but I'm happy with result, and you could still claim while I was changing website. Here there is a sentence I repeat every post :) if you find any problem, please write me through chat or email and I'll try to solve it as fast as possible to me.

As you've seen and how I told you, I changed percentages on some FauceX because crypto coins prices are changing every day. Other reason of that is because I wasn't getting any profit of your claims (I'm not pretty sure if I'm now :)) Although I'm trying to stabilize it, it's a difficult work. I also change, once again, website's ads, I hope to keep this design. I change design because, to be honest, ads platforms didn't give me good CPM rate and I think is better user experience. Continuing with changes made I also added two more FauceX paying through faucetpay platform you can find each link on every FauceX page. I'm planning to create more FauceX on other platforms, I'll write you when it's going to happen. One of mentioned platforms is KsWallet, what I read about KsWallet is it has more than 20 coins available which I think is awesome.

I believe this year is going to be crucial to website, it's going to be our first year. Great challenges are going to be taken, I want to tell you more on next post. I have many ideas in mind to do, however I know I need a lot of time to make it possible. I think there is not more to say, have a nice week an see you next time, thank you!