Kucoin contest

High prizes: from 0 to the moon

Posted by faucetsatoshi on January 11, 2020

Hi guys! great to write you one more time, today I want to share with you some information I received today. Kucoin sent me an email in which they explain that they are launching a new platform called kucoinpay and also a contest on that platform

Basically, contest works as follow: They (Kucoin) have 1 million USDT to reward. There will be 550 winners, 500 participants will win 1000 USDT and 50 10000 USDT. So, in the contest you can be able to win from 0 :(, up to 10000 dollars. They sort out participants by points earned, you can earn points doing some daily tasks. At the contest end first 500 participants will receive them 1000 USDT reward and they will select randomly 50 participants which will receive 10000 USDT every one.

To be honest with you, probably you (and me :( ) won't receive anything in the contest. Although there will be 550 winners, contest has been launched in less than 48 hours, there are more than 12k participants now and it will be available 1 month. However, we don't lose anything participating and we could earn great prizes. If you want to be part of contest and help me to earn some points, click on any ad posted on FauceX website like this:

Or on the following link. If you don't want to help me :(, just search kucoinplay on google hahaha.

Finally, If you win something, don't forget me. If I win, I won't forget you :). If you know about a contest in which we can participate as a comunity, write me an email and I will share it here, on blog. Dear users that's what I wanted to share with you, thanks for reading :), have a nice weekend, good luck and hope to see you soon.