First month, First year, first challenges

Posted by faucetsatoshi on January 20, 2020

What's up guys, how are you, this time I want to share with you what I would like to achieve this first year with FauceX websites. I'd like to share with you what I expect on close future.

First of all, to try to see our future, I think it could be easier if we take a look at our past. If you have followed us from one year, you should know we changed many times our website design, URL... we weren't estable. Even I created a youtube channel in which I wanted to share this things with you, but finally I didn't continue working on it. The main reason we couldn't be estable it is because the reward amount is very dificult to establish, that's something I mentioned on before posts, on one hand I would like to share with you at least 0.001 dollars every claim, I think that's soo poor, and on another hand I obviously would like to have a profit. On the path to learn how to establish it's more what I've lost than what I've won

Once we have seen past, let's take a look at what can we do. First thing I would like to achieve is be under 100k on alexa rank we are now on 1059944 position. Altough I also would like to incluide other platforms or microwallet systems, I want to have payments trough either bitcoin, litecoin... blockchain. Finally I would like to have a "FauceX shortlink" service to establish in a better way the rewards, really. I think those three challenges are going to be enough for this year, now I see it very dificult, however, I'll try to achieve it and once I have any progress on them I will post it here.

On the following posts I want to share with you some tutorials about how to claim in FauceX for new users and what is the better browser to claim. That's it, see you next post and have a nice week!.