New microwallet added!

Posted by faucetsatoshi on January 21, 2020

Hello dear users! this is a little annoucement. Today I finished the link with Walcrypt microwallet, from now, you can claim and receive direct payments through Walcrypt. I added a new Litecoin and Dogecoin FauceX, the links are also available on any Faucetpay and Expresscrypto FauceX. I also changed the referral percentage from 30 to 10 % because I wanted to increase your claiming rewards, so, It increased 20%. For now, those precentages changes are made on Walcrypt FauceX, litecoin and dogecoin, and it will be available on the others FauceX as soon as them founds be empty and I fill them. If you found any problem, please write me it through chat or email.

Thanks for coming, see you next time!