Tutorial #1: Be Brave!

How to download, install and set up Brave

Posted by faucetsatoshi on January 29, 2020

What's up guys, today I'm here to tell you about Brave. I think maybe a lot of you know it, If you know Brave this little tutorial is going to explain how to activate the BAT earnings and If you don't, I'm going to show you how to download and install it. What's Brave? The fastest answer is that's a web browser, I think the smarter one is that's more than a simple web browser

This is a little definition of brave explained by them creators: "It begins with giving you back power. Get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting ads and help give publishers back their fair share of Internet revenue". Brave is a web browser similar to Google Chrome, I've watched it's, in some tasks like loading pages, faster than Chrome. You can be able to have all extensions and characteristics of Chrome, but Brave has more how have be told by them creators before: Brave allow us earn some BAT: "Basic Attention Token", a cryptocurrency which is sold and exchanged in popular exchanges like Binance (I promise you create a post related to exchanges).

You can earn BAT on Brave seeing some ads which are simple and non-invasive, once again I have to tell you something important, Now I'm earning just one BAT every month and I use Brave constantly and now one BAT is $0.22 which is so poor. However, no one knows, maybe in future it will cost more. So, my advice is if you earn some BAT, hold it, I do it :).

Once explained Brave, BAT and earnings, let's start with tutorial:

1. How to download Brave

Here you have two options, If you want to contribute me :), click on this LINK if you don't :(, click HERE . Once you click on any link above you will be here: The main page of Brave:

brave main page

Click on download or select your OS

2. How to install Brave

(Now the available Operative Systems are Windows, MacOS and Linux) Open the downloaded file, then you will see the following:

brave message

Wait until it shows "Installation completed" The browser will open.

3. How to set up Brave

Image below shows the browser's main page, if you want, follow the welcome tour.

control brave

Later, click on customize and control brave and click on brave rewards. You are here:

brave rewards page

Click on Yes, I'm in, after which it shows this:

brave rewards page

Turn on ads, turn off auto-contribute. Click on ads settings and select your preferred option I chose 5 ads per hour. Changes will see like this:

brave rewards settings

How you can see now I have 1.4 BAT and I have 0.95 pending. I haven't withdrawn any fund, I think it's not necessary, How I told you the amount I have now is so poor When I'll decide to withdraw, I'll post the process here. I had, during last two months, the default option 2 ads per hour.

3. Ad-block feature

I think later rewards characteristic the Ad-block is the next important of Brave Browser, it allow us block almost any ad on any page. For example, on YouTube when you open a video and it is monetized, an ad appears, and you must watch it to watch the video. With ad-block feature the ad will disappear. By default, it is turned on, you can also turn off it, to do that click on the brave logo on links bar:

brave adblock feature

It is also possible to turn off or on different kind of ads how you can see above

4.(OPTIONAL) Contributions feature

This is, for you, an optional feature. The important about Brave for you I told you, now I want to share with you something important to me :) Next to brave logo there is a BAT logo if you go to my Blog and click on it, you can send me a contribution (You can do the same with any verified creator) To do that, click on send a tip, afterward the options are shown as this:

brave contribution

Select a correct amount and click on send tip. If you send me a tip, thank you very much, I appreciate it :)

This is all for this post, Brave is a wonderful browser and Although it has more features, I think above ones are the most important. Thanks for coming, see you next post and remember to be BRAVE!