Changes made on January 2020

Ads, design...

Posted by faucetsatoshi on February 11, 2020

Hello guys, how are you today? I wanted to do this post before, however, I didn't have enough time to do that. I'm sorry I was very busy. On this post I would like to share with you what I've done during January on the FauceX website. Let's begin:

1. Ads

How I wrote on first post about advertising networks, I'm looking for better ones to increase your rewards. I've been testing some of them on website. This month I found some interesting: Exoclick, Moonads, Adsterra. Here is a little new for you and it's if I receive a payment from exoclick, I will increase your rewards 15%. Due I use exoclick and Adsterra, I added more popups on FauceX faucets, I think it is too bad for you, but I hope you understand it, that's the only way I found to reward you how I do. On future I would like to reduce it(popups). I'm working now on change website's ads displayed, I think next week it will be visible.

Once again, this month I'm going to look for better advertising networks and I hope to have more on next posts

2. Shortlink services

Here is something good too, I finally found an stable shortlinks services, I didn't chage them a lot. Now with shortlinks income, I earn some from your claims and if we add Exoclick, websites finally will be stable.

Yesterday I added one more, it's called shortenbuddy. As you know, although I would like to have a good shortlink service to increase your earnings, it depends of point 1, advertising networks.

3. Looking for traffic

I'm paying at least 0.5 dollars every day in banners to get new users, the result, I would say, is good, but many of new users don't keep on website constantly so the bounce rate of our website increased a lot. What I think about it is that it is like an investment and I hope to see better results in future.

4. Advance on challenges

I think due point 3, on alexa rank we are now on 396931 position! We are close to our goal: be under 100k alexa rank. I believe we will get that goal on three or four months. On another hand the other goals are difficult to achieve now or soon, nevertheless, year is starting now, I've got 11 months to do that :)

5. Walcrypt

How you've seen on post related to walcrypt, I launched it on January, there are now every day 100 claims from it, I like it. As you may know I want to add more microwallets, I hope to add one more next month.

That's it for today. I have to organize my time know to continue sharing posts, I hope to see you soon. Have a nice week!